How will today matter in five years from now?

Everyone fantasizes about how amazing it would be to tell the future. That is such an impactful power because it could be so helpful. You could tell others what ventures to get into and which ones to avoid. You could warn your bestfriend of her boyfriend years before she gets heart broken. You could see how successful and happy you end up years down the line. It really is an amazing power.

But at the same time, what if you see you’ll be dreadfully miserable in the future. You could see you and your bestfriend drifting away years later. And many of these things you’d be unable to change. And that’s why I think the power to change the future is much more powerful than being able to see it. The power to not know what’s ahead but be able to influence it is a great one. And everyday we wake up have 24 hours to affect our future. So tell me how will today matter in five years from now?

Here’s how today will matter five years from now and my thoughts on it.

The thing about addressing the future is just how abstract it is. We don’t know much about the future at all. It’s a concept we’ve created to give ourselves a little more predictability in life. But many people ignore the future and just do what they feel is right today. They’ll do the drugs and parties not seeing that the future is ever going to be affected by it. And they reap the rewards in that moment but because the future always eventually comes, they will be down one day.

And then there’s people like me that believe again the future is an abstract concept. But it’s not abstract to the point of dismissing it altogether. It’s abstract to the point where we must overestimate it’s importance and value on our lives. And while we might not ever feel the future, the only way to change it is in the present. And that’s why today will be important five days or years from now. The only day we ever live in is today, and therefore it is the most important because it’s the only we can directly affect.

So I value every day like it is the future because one day it will be. What I do today will most certainly affect what I experience tomorrow. It’s hard to remember sometimes but it’s hardwired in my head. I know I need to take advantage of every day I’m given because if I don’t I’m wasting a valuable asset. Imagine superman being all-powerful and deciding to be an accountant. I have the power today to change the future tomorrow. I can’t waste it.

But as far as the question goes, today specifically I think is important for a few reasons. Today I think will be a big factor in my life down the line. If I don’t battle my demons of today, I fear I will be dragged through hell forever. It’s scary to think about. And today is one of those determining days where I can choose to face my fears or succumb to them. And it’s always a hard challenge in those types of situations. So there’s a lot of importance in today.

Five years down the line I could be the very best version of Tim. I could be very close or on the path to being the very best version of Tim. That’s my goal and has always been my plan. But five years from now I could be shitty version of Tim. I could be the same Tim that is here today. And I kinda hate this Tim for more reasons than one. And of course five years from now I could be a much worse version of the Tim I am today. Lord knows I don’t think be able to swallow that reality.

And all this is determined by today. Today specifically because I’ve been down in the dumps. But I’ve also been a little inspired and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I’m at the fork in the road on the hero’s journey. And all I can hope is that I make the right decision. I need to make the right decisions today and all the todays after that. But regardless of the path I choose, I know I’ll always be able to look back at this day and directly correlate where I am five years later. I’ll see you then 🙂 .

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