How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Age is just number. But the world operates using numbers. Business live and die by revenue numbers. Everything is scheduled on the numbers of time. And society divides everyone into buckets based on the numbers of our age.

But our outer age is different from our inner age. Some people are naturally young at heart. Other people have been old souls their whole life. These inner ages dictate more of who we truly are. This is the age we most identify with but also the age we most enjoyed.

You may have to think on your inner age, but without a doubt I know mine.

If I didn’t know how old I was, I would default to the age of seventeen.

Seventeen seems like such a random number, but there’s a couple reasons I identify with being seventeen.

Let’s just say I’ve always been a child at heart. Even as an adult, I find joy and laughter in everyday situations. Things that people find upsetting and stressful, roll off my shoulders and make me smile. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up everyday and see the world as your playground.

I want to always keep that mentality. Never will I ever want to be think of the world as this super serious place. As we grow older, society tries to force into adulthood. And while I can’t combat every pressure, I’ve always pushed myself to stay young at heart.

Seventeen is just old enough but just young enough. I don’t need parents to nurse me to sleep every night with milk and a story. I can make decisions that are thoughtful and intentional at this age. Finding a love interest will be viable. And seventeen years is enough time to learn about myself.

At the same time, I’m not fully an adult at the age of seventeen. I’m not swamped with all these responsibilities to take care of. Technically, my parents would still be supporting me at this age. This means no bills, taxes and other annoying things. No I won’t go around freeloading off my parents forever, but I’ve never found the appeal in rushing to adulthood.

As an adult now, there’s nothing that special about it. Yeah there’s clubs and parties that you can now experience. I’ve never been a partier. I sit home reading Quora and watching Youtube every weekend. That’s what I enjoy doing.

So yeah, I’d be seventeen forever if I could. That’s my inner age. And to make things better, seventeen is one of my favorite numbers of all time. So that’s another reason I identify with it so well. Forget that my driver’s license says I’m twenty three. This birthday, and all the ones after will be my seventeenth!

What age are you on the inside? Chances are you’re older than me.

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