How many of your friends would you trust with your life?

Life is best spent healthy and full of energy. We can travel the world and immerse ourself in new cultures when we’re healthy. We can build amazing products and companies that revolutionize the world when we’re healthy. We can do good and inspire hope to the poor and less fortunate when we’re healthy. These are the things many people aim to do with their lives.

But sometimes we get sick. It can be our own wrongdoing like spending a weekend drinking non-stop and getting alcohol poisining. Other times it’s just our luck of the draw and we end up with traumatic illnesses like cancer. Either way, we’re almost guaranteed to get sick at some point in life. We should all keep friends around that we trust to nurse us to health during the low times. So the question is, “How many of your friends would you trust with your life?”

Here’s how many friends I trust with my life and my thoughts on it.

Trust is a funny concept. Many people believe that trust is something you can sniff out. We all think we could look through a line of strangers and easily pick the most trustworthy of the group. This would actually be a great social experiment. But chances are, we’d all fail horribly. And we all grow up in life thinking we have this sixth sense of knowing someones true character.

As we get older we realize that it’s not as simple as it looks. Some people get their heart broken by the kindess and sweetest of love interests. They were perfect and never showed any signs for distrust. Or maybe our close friend scams us out of thousands of dollars. And if not that, we all see the cold case shows with upstanding citizens that turn into cold-blooded serial killers at night. We often have to learn the true nature of trust the hard way.

Luckily, I’ve learnt my lesson with trust and I’m sure I now know how it works. Trust is earned not given. And you slowly trust people based off the actions they consistently exhibit. This simply means, don’t take a smooth talker as someone you can trust. Actions build trust better than words. And consistent action will always be the best way to build trust. All this said, there are very few people that I would trust with my life.

If we’re talking just friends, it would be a sad three people I would trust with my life. No more and no less. These people know exactly who they are. We’ve been in the situation one too many times. I’m in intense pain stuck curdled in a ball in my dorm room. I have to ask a close friend to drive me to the hospital. Or I’m across the country admitted to the hospital and there’s a friend or two on the first flight to Seattle.

This is nothing to new me. I’m not glorifying pain and suffering but it really does reveal your true friends. I can trust these three people with being there when I need them. I can trust these three people to understand me at my lowest moments. I can trust these three people to do things in best interest. I can easily trust these three friends with my life. Not because I love them but because they’ve shown me repeatedly they can rise to the occasion.

I’m not upset that there are more people. Trusting someone with your life is a big responsibility. You have to know that if you couldn’t speak or communicate for yourself, they will do right by you. If you have more than five friends that you’d trust your life with that could be a problem. Either you don’t value you’re life that much or you’re building trust with more people than you need. Nonetheless, none of it matters in theory. Nobody hopes to have their friend’s life in their hands. So let’s all just stay healthy.

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