How many hours a week do you spend online?

There internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time. It has given us a whole new level of connectivity. And that connectivity has opened up a whole new level of information. The whole wide world has opened up and started using the information the Internet has granted us. And now we spend almost all or free time on the internet.

And that’s the bad thing. The internet has caused us to become addicted to always being connected. We’re always on social media looking at posts. We’re always texting friends on our phones. We’re always on a new game app or something. We spend a lot of time online these days. And that can be a bad thing for some of us. It can leave us much less productive than we were before. And it can leave us much more one dimensional in how we live our lives. You just have to be careful on how you spend time on the web. So how many hours a week do you spend online?

Here’s my thoughts on how many hours a week I spend online.

The concept of online is pretty much all I’ve known as a kid. Everything went from in person to online over the years. Now there’s online connection associated with every part of my life. I write my answers to daily questions online through my website. I run my whole business online through a myriad of different tools. I relax and watch YouTube videos online. And I play games with friends on PS4 while we’re all online. I even go to sleep listening to music streaming from online. Online is pretty much everywhere in my life.

So when I think of how many hours a week I spend online, I really get scared to know. The number is probably large and unreasonable on many levels. There fact of the matter is, it’s pretty rare when I spend time being completely cut off from online. I know there are people who are even worse than me. But I’m more concerned with my numbers and how I can personally improve. That said, eighty percent of my time alive is spent online in some way. That’s for sure. If I put that into math equations, that’s around 90 hours a week of being online.

I think I might need to go to an Internet Addict’s Anonymous meeting. Or at the very least, make one. Because I know I’m not the only one lol

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