How have you helped someone else recently?

We’re all in this together. Humans are very social creatures. And we’re far from the stongest or fastest animals out there. But we’ve still come to be at the top of the totem pole of all other animals. This is because we are intelligent and we are collaborative. We help each other to get further along than we could alone.

And that’s a big part of humans true assets. We can’t do much alone but when we work together we open up infinite possibilities. And we should always be ready to help others in some way. It could be small or big. But living a life without helping others is wildly selfish and borderline self destructive. So how have you helped someone recently?

Here’s how I’ve helped someone recently and my thoughts on it.

I’ve been in a very selfish mode of my life recently. I’ve been doing whatever makes me personally happy. I haven’t been putting thought into how others feel. And I’ve been just living a very shallow and self centric life in general. It’s not my normal behavior but that’s how I’ve been as of late.

But despite all of that I’ve still found a few ways to help others recently. And that should go to show that we’re humans and humans like helping other humans. If we have the means to help and it doesn’t compromise our wellbeing most times we will help. And that stood true for me in my most selfish months.

I helped my mom finish an important school project. She was about to graduate and get yet another prestigious degree. Except she had to record a full on patient doctor visit for her class. Very last minute she asked me and I dropped what I was doing to help her for two hours and complete the assignment.

I’ve helped Deasia with some money advice and buying her a new product she really wanted to try. It wasn’t the most impactful way to help but it was still help nonetheless. She was eager to buy a product and didn’t have the money. Last minute I took her to the closest shop and used my personal money to help her buy it. I’ve also given her some advice on saving and debt.

Those are two ways that I’ve helped people out recently. What have you done?

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