How do you spend the majority of your free time?

We all get the same twenty four hours in a day. There’s no excuse for why someone gets something done in a day while you don’t. Time is one of the truest equalizers. Nobody is above time and its universal limits. But somehow we feel like our time is not nearly as equal as others. With twenty four hours, we may get a lot of work done one day. Then every other day of the week, we don’t do anything more than browse social media nonstop.

It’s weird but we all have very inefficient days where we don’t get work done. But even on the free days, some people are much more deliberate about how they spend their time. And it might seem like no big deal. But spending an extra two hours a day doing things you want to be doing will add up over years. So we should all spend our free time doing things we will be proud of down the road. How do you spend the majority of your free time?

Here’s how I spend the majority of my free time and my thoughts on it.

Everyone has some free time to spare. If you truly believe you don’t have any free time you wouldn’t even be able to read this right now. If you can sit down to eat lunch or go take a nap at any point in a day, you have a spare hour or two. It might not be a lot of free time in relation to how hard you’re hustling at work. And that’s understandable. But if your excuse for not doing what you want is concrete I don’t have enough time, then you have to take a look at your priorities.

It’s virtually inhumane to live life on a daily basis with absolutely no time that you can call your own. Imagine how corrupt your managers would have to be to give you such a toxic work-life balance. And it’s definitely possible, but if that’s really your life you have bigger fish to fry. You have to reclaim your life and your time. It’s one of your only universal and God-given assets. For the other people just claiming a time deficit, it’s really about perspective.

You say you don’t have time but you’re playing video games on your laptop for three hours every weekend. Or you don’t have time but somehow always catch the NBA Playoff games live on-air. You have time but you convince yourself that you just don’t have anywhere in your packed day to squeeze an hour in. It’s an easy cop out. But it’s truly a disservice to you and the betterment you could find in yourself with the extra hours or two. I used to tell myself the same thing.

But these days I’m more honest and open with myself. I know have free time. In reality, I have more free time than the average person right about now. That’s one of the few things entrepreneurship has afforded me. The ability to reclaim your time is one of the few perks of being an entrepreneur. So recently my schedule has been filled with lots of free time. And I’ve been doing a lot with my free time. I’ve been playing games like Call of Duty, watching Youtube videos, and even listening to podcasts.

But if I had to sum up what majority of my free time is spent doing, it would be venturing down whatever path my curiousity leads me on. I’m always getting curious about a new idea, story, or perspective in life. When I have nothing else to do, I find myself venturing into new things that I’m curious about. Some days it could be watching Youtube videos learning all about laminar flow or new breakthroughs in science. Other days I could be challenging myself to read a fiction novel or practicing meditation.

It’s really refreshing to just let go and let my curiousity lead me. Most times people are forced into this app or this event. Then when you look up, your free time has evaporated in front of you. I love just learning about new subjects and answering deep and thought-provoking questions floating around my head. It could be one simple video or a whole night in a rabbit hole of podcasts, books, and blog posts. It’s a great way to spend free time. You should try it next time you’re free.

I love you and miss you very much.


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