How do you know when it’s time to continue holding on or time to let go?

We strive to be disciplined people in life. We want to be the person who stands by there words. And we aim to be the person who sees their visions through. Don’t start things that you can’t finish. That especially applies to entrepreneurs.

But in today’s fast paced world, we’re always commiting to something else. There’s a new idea for a side business. There’s a new project to build at work. There’s a new plan for taking your fitness and health to the next level. But we have to balance all these things into things worth sticking to and those that can falter. It’s hard though. How do you know when it’s time to continue holding on or time to let go?

Here’s my answer and thoughts on overall commitment.

There’s a yin and yang to almost everything in life. There’s the bright light of the sun but not without the dark emptiness of space. There’s pain and heartbreak but not without pleasure and joy. There’s the rich and wealthy but not without the poor and destitute. That’s life. But all these elements work best in harmony and balance.

In the case of staying committed to things, you must also remember to let things go. If you get too good and sticking with and every little thing, you’ll burn yourself out. If you get too good and quickly letting go, you’ll never build anything substantial. The key to being good at this, is just trying to keep a balance.

But when would you know what to stick with and what to let go. I don’t think there’s a clear cut answer for things like this. Everyone has a different way to decide. Some people go based on gut feelings. If it feels right, then I’m going to stay with it. Other people like to make a pros and cons list to be more logical. If there’s all these potential bad results, I should just let it go.

Me personally, I take them both and go with that. I look at things from the rational perspective. What kind of value am I getting from sticking with this thing? What are all the pros? Also, what are the main detriments? What are the cons? But I always follow it up with a gut check. Without any logical how do I feel overall? Is it a good investment in my heart.

When these two different systems match up, it’s all systems go. If I both feel and think I should stick with something, I’m going to settle in for the long haul. If I both feel and think I should quit something, then I’ll drop out within hours. That’s a good strong signal that you’re making the right decision. But sometimes things don’t match up. And that’s when things get tough.

In those situations, I do one last major gut test. It’s simple. I believe you’re meant to hold on to something forever when you never really felt quitting was an option. Like with my business, no matter how dire situations get, it’s never an option to quit. We just work harder. So if you ever really seriously consider quitting, then it might just be time to let it go. Another thing I ask is… laying on my deathbed will this thing be something I’m glad I held on to? Or would it be something that brings me no value? That’s my trump card. How do you decide when to quit or stick it out?

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