How do you find the strength to do what you know in your heart is right?

It’s always the right time to do the right thing. It’s a pretty simple saying. And most people can agree with it. But somehow we’re still not the people that do the right thing one hundred percent of the time. Some days we’re quick to help an elderly person across the road. Other days it takes a miracle to get us to apologize for stepping on a stranger’s foot.

The best version of ourselves is a person that does right. The best version of you would do right by others and do right by yourself. They would always do the right thing without thinking twice about it. But the truth is we can only aspire to be that best version of ourselves. Most days we’ll have to kick and claw to be even a fraction of that person. And on those days, we need to find the strength to do right. So ask yourself, “How do I find the strength to do what I know is right in my heart?”

Here’s how I find the strength to do right and my thoughts on it.

Doing the right thing is such a simple phrase. You should just do what is right. And many times in life it is really that simple. I found a twenty dollar bill sitting on the floor at a party. I’ll bring the money to the lost and found. There’s the thought of stashing the money in my pocket quickly. But the right thing to do is return the money to it’s rightful owner. That’s easy.

But there’s other times when doing the right thing is much more difficult. You have been cheating and lying on your significant other for a few months. It’s hard to think of how you got this far off track but somehow it happened. The deed is done. The only thing you can do now is do the right thing and hope for the best outcome. But getting ourselves to stop seeing that side person and confessing to our girlfriend seems impossible. No matter how hard you try it just won’t happen.

And those are the days that doing the right thing seems like a truly impossible taske. There’s no right way to do it. And you can hope and wish for the right thing but our actions continue to do the opposite. The struggle of doing the right varies from person to person. Some might find it easy to confess their infidelity. While others may find struggle in simply returning a twenty dollar bill to it’s rightful owner. But regardless of your level of struggle we can all agree, nobody is perfect at it.

It doesn’t matter how moral of a person you are, we all struggle with doing the right things at times. That’s just the way it is. The world is filled with tempations that are just too powerful. They have broken down even the most genuine of people. So to think you’re one in billion is just being naive. You are not immune to the tempations of the world and evil. And we all need something to help us push through those temptations.

And that’s why I find one thing to be my main motivator of doing the right thing. The simple thing is there is a much better version of myself that is doing the right thing. Whenever I think that I have to do wrong, I remind myself that there’s a Tim out there that found the strength to do right. In the same exact situation with the same temptations, another version of me pulled through. And that means I can do the same. That is what gives me the strength to do right.

One of the hardest parts of getting through temptation is the belief that we just can’t do it. Sometimes we think all odds are against us and there’s no right answer. And I find that one of the biggest solutions is simply reminding ourselves that without a doubt it is possible. We usually don’t set out on missions that are guaranteed to fail. 90% of the strength I find to do right is simply by knowing that it is possible for a better version of me. And I won’t ever concede to optimal Tim. I will forever chase the dream of being equal or better than the very best version of Tim.

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