How do you define success?

The journey to success is filled with many failures. That’s what many people say. And we can all agree to that. There’s few people who have had a perfect journey with nothing but success. We’re bound to fail at some point in our life. But that doesn’t stop us from working towards success.

So we fight through the bad times. We learn from the failures. And we laugh at the missteps. We use all of that to fuel us further on our journey to success. But still years later many of us don’t find the success we were looking for. And that’s why it’s important to define the success you’re looking for. So ask yourself, “How do I define success?”

Here’s how I define success and my thoughts on it.

Success is a wildly popular term in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. It’s one of the most popular if not the top, word used to describe a life well lived. Almost all of us are looking for this fantastic mythical experience called success. But few of us know what it looks like. And that’s the problem.

I believe success can physically look like a million different things. It isn’t visually classified into a million dollar condo and lamborghini. It isn’t visually classified as expensive diamond chains and designer clothing. It can look like basic grey shirts. It can look like living under a bridge. It can look like a cute picnic date on tuesday afternoon. But society has popularized the image of money, sex, cars, and fame. That’s what the world thinks success looks like.

I would define success as achievements in life that bring you true personal fulfillment. That’s a very specific but vague definition. That’s intentional. Success is some type of achievement. But it could be in any area of life. You could be accomplishing things financially, physically, in love and so on. But it’s not true success unless it’s adding real value to you and your life.

Naturally, I value things like freedom, financial independence, and peace of mind. That could do a lot for my life. If I have those things I’ll be very happy and I’d live in a way that excites me. Financial independence could do a lot for almost everyone. But I can’t force my thoughts and values on the world. Someone else may value friends and family more that money. Then success would be different for them than me.

Many of us, have experienced some level of success. We have made some money. We have fallen in love. We have lost some weight. We have went on a small travel trip. All these small instances of success but we’re distracted looking for mansions and supercars. It’s sad. We should all find out what brings us true satisfaction deep in our heart. Then we should chase that. That’s where the real success lies.

Millions of dollars doesn’t mean success if it doesn’t make you any more happy or content. Having sex with many different people in your life means nothing if it doesn’t make you any more happy or content. Traveling around the world is a waste of time if it doesn’t make you any more happy or content. Stop living someone else’s vision of success. You’ll only attain true success in the areas you find true fulfillment.

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