How are you pursuing your dreams right now?

We’re all dreamers in our heart. As kids we dream of being astronauts and the president of our country. As teens we dream of being the smartest in the class or the star athlete for our school. As adults we dream of building our dream home and driving our dream car. We then dream of starting the perfect family with the perfect spouse we marry. We’re always dreaming about something else we want or envision in life.

The hard part is working towards those goals. Kids have dedicate their lives to learning in the schooling system to become that astronaut. Teens have to sacrifice all their afternoons to study or train to become that star player. And adults have to clock in thousands and thousands of hours to get the finances to buy our dream homes. But we have to stay focused on working on the dreams just as much as we dream about the dreams. So how are you pursuing your dreams right now?

Here’s how I’m pursuing my dreams right now and my thoughts on it.

My dreams have been pretty similar throughout my whole life. I’ve always been a kid with super big ambitions to rise up and accomplish absolutely amazing things. The things I’ve wanted to accomplish has shifted once or twice. I’ve wanted to be an inventor and an engineer at one point. Those were two of my visions for life. And my goal was always to break down boundaries to accomplish great things in those areas. But as a grew a little older my area has shifted once again.

Now I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to build anything my mind can conceive and my heart will jump for. I want to be able to grow a small little idea into a living breathing business. I want to be able to make money and provide financial stability to others with that small idea. And I want to become so big that any everyone knows about my business if not already using it in their life. So my goal and dream now is to become one of the top most entrepreneurs in the world.

And that’s a pretty big dream. It’s a crazy, huge, outlandish vision that’s likely to fail. But that’s how I like them. I want to put my mind and energy to that big giant goal and see how far I can get. I know I have all the ability and resources at my fingertips. It’s just about thinking smart about the problems in front of me. Then being deliberate about how I attack those problems. And of course I have to take action, and lots of it.

So what I’m doing right now to accomplish that dream of entrepreneurial success is simple. I’m spending a month isolated in a new place to get focused. I’m currently in Phoenix, Arizona with no one but my business partner, Dwayne. I’m here for one main reason which is to regather my resources on my goal. I’ve gotten super distracted in the day to day of life and some bad decisions. It’s so easy to get distracted in a world where everything is fighting for your attention.

It was clearly super smart and necessary for me to take a step back and to refocus. Now I’m here in Phoenix, a place I’ve never stepped foot in, and I can only do one thing, work. I can’t get called up to do a favor of dropping someone at work or going to a friends birthday. It’s nice. But right now I need to get a top down look at my business. So this month is me regaining control of the train that was nearly sliding off the tracks. I can use the momentum from this month to be much more successful in the rest of the year.

It’s really going to help me find clarity in my vision again. If I stayed on my current track I would of surely ended up failing. This month won’t guarantee my success because nothing in life truly can. But I think this month of work will be one of the best things I’ve done this year. And that’s the main thing I’m doing right now to work towards my dreams. And no matter the situation, I’ll always want to work towards that dream. Because my dream is important to me. What are doing to work towards yours?

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