Have you ever regretted something you did not say or do?

Be careful what you say, because once you say it, it can’t be unsaid. Be careful what you do because once you do it, it can’t be undone. These are facts of life. The past is forever set in stone. This is the premise of major regrets most people have. When you do or say something horrible that you wish you could undo. But there’s another kind of regret, regret from inaction.

Sometimes there are things we don’t say, that we surely should of. Other times there are things we feel we should do, that we just don’t end up doing. These regrets sting ten times worst than other regrets. Nobody is proud of being the timid, inactive person. But somehow most people have at least one experience freezing up and not saying or doing something they wanted to.

Here’s my personal thoughts on these types of regret.

I don’t regret anything I didn’t do. I don’t regret anything I didn’t say. I don’t regret anything I’ve done. Honestly, I don’t regret anything at all in my life. It sounds impossible. It sounds silly. It sounds like a joke. But all jokes aside, I don’t have any regrets in my life.

How is this possible? I am one of few people that just don’t believe in regrets. Again, sounds weird. I just think that life is full of decisions. Some decisions will be good. Some decisions will be bad. But all the decisions I make, will be my decisions. I don’t ever want to go back and change a decision I made because that decision was something I chose to do. Or in some cases, it’s something I chose not to do.

I don’t think I’m perfect in any capacity. I don’t have any regrets not because I think I’m perfect, but rather because I don’t believe life has to be perfect. That said, the things I don’t do is fine by me. The things I don’t say is also fine by me. No regrets is not a statement I scream for fun on drunk nights out, but rather something I truly stand by.

So when I look back on my life, there are many things I’ve done wrong. There are many things I could have done a lot better. But given the chance, I would never actually go back in time and change those things. That’s the reality of someone who truly lives with no regrets. Regretting something is committing that given the opportunity you would go back in time and change that thing.

All that said, one thing I think of that I should of done but didn’t is do business contracts. When I was starting out as an entrepreneur I started out with a lot of optimism about fellow businesspeople. When it came time to collaborate I jumped right in. I put a million dollar idea on the line and partnered up quickly.

The problem is I didn’t get any contracts signed. I spent months doing work and waited until the very end to get formal. Once it was time to sign contracts everything went left. And it went sour real fast. Months of hard work was wasted and I got burned in the process.

I wouldn’t change it. So I don’t regret it. But that’s an instance of something I didn’t do leading to a bad result. Now I know business first, friendliness second. That’s the cycle of life. We live. We learn.

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