Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

Life is such a one of kind experience. It only ever happens to you once, but is made up of hundreds of thousands of small events. Some events we will all have… Birth. Birthdays. Death. Other events are much more optional… Falling in love. Selling a business. Winning the lotto.

It’s amazing, all these beautiful, sad, unique events we as humans have the chance to experience. However, throughout life these events start to lose their spunk. Twenty three is just another birthday. The second business isn’t as exciting as the first. And the third time falling love, feels more like settling for love.

With so many new events always slightly pulling the beauty from the ones that came before, it’s easy to forget the events you actually did love. Therefore, once in a while we should ask,..

“Have you done anything lately worth remembering?”

And to that I say, “Yes!”

We should all say yes, because there’s always something worth remembering. It’s just a matter of remembering it. And after thinking about the many things that have happened to me in the last few months… it hit me.

I pulled off the most amazing event for my friends and family in December 11-19th, 2018.

I invited 28 of my coolest friends and 28 of my closest family, and hosted them in Orlando Florida for 3-4 days each group of all expenses paid fun, food, and bonding.

It was the event of the year and an experience of a decade. We will all remember it for years to come. But personally, it was worth remembering for a few special reasons.

We were broke (My business partner and I). My business was failing. There was high likelyhood our finances would never allow for such an extravagant event. And somehow we were able to pay for every single part of the event for every single guest. Miracles are do happen.

I had the worst year ever health-wise. I spent about two weeks a month admitted in various hospitals throughout 2018. Going from so much sadness and despair, to such a spectacular event was a much needed change of environment. Don’t get caught in the lows. They always lead to highs.

And lastly, it’s so hard to stay motivated in life. Sometimes things get tough. And seeing everything around me crumble to pieces was killing all motivation within me. But then seeing all my friends and family stress-free and having a euphoric experience was so inspiring. Always remember why you’re doing it… even it’s just to see the smile on their faces.

The 2018 Sparketh Retreat was one of a kind! It was fun, inspiring, and motivational all in one. And I know that it’s something, for more reasons than one, I will always remember!

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