Has your greatest fear ever come true?

There are some things that are scary to us all. We’re all scared of ghosts, eight-foot spiders, and creepy clowns. Of course there are those few people that are unphased by any of those. There are things that are even scarier, it’s called personal fears.

The person that is fine with spiders might be terrified of heights. And the person that doesn’t mind big heights just might hate small confined spaces. Our own individual fears are the some of the hardest things to face. We’ve all developed these personal fears based on our own experiences in life. Some have seen their deep fears come true while others are luvky enough never to.

Here’s my greatest fear in life and personal thoughts on it.

My greatest fear is something that I’ve recently discovered. After watching shows about prison and learning about how things inside work, I found my fear. I fear other things strongly like losing my mother, being a failure, and death. But I never knew my true greatest fear in life until I learned about solitary confinement.

I would hate to be in solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day. There is something so sinister and evil about locking someone away in a tiny two by four room for twenty hours a day. There’s a lot of things that suck about being locked up. But it’s more than the physical aspect that scares me, it’s the mental aspect.

Our minds are all we have at the end of the day. It is the center of how we experience everything in life, good and bad. When you put someone in a tiny box you lock up their mind and their imagination. Not only are they locked up, they are completely alone. There is a lack of human interaction when you are ignored for so long. And it’s truly a devious type of torture that destroys the human mind.

I’ve never been locked up or put away in some type of solitary confinement. The closest I’ve been is when I was hospitalized and ignored for nearly six hours. I was not with family or friends for this entire time. All I had was my mind spinning in circles. And worse yet, I was in horrible pain for all six hours. That’s another part to it. When you’re ignored like such, no one can help if you need it.

People don’t understand the level of mean and heartless solitary confinement is. You have to experience each day, each hour, each minute for yourself to really get it. Imagine the feeling of being stuck at home bored with no internet but times ten. There are stories of people being put into solitary and weeks later leaving drastically traumatized. Many people walk in normal and leave mentally insane.

I know how important my my mind is to me as an INTJ. I’m always planning, thinking, and observing things in my mind. Twenty four-seven. So I would hate to be put in any situation that not only physically locks me away but also locks up my expansive imagination. Our minds are such precious things and going insane watching it rot is a horrible image. It’s so distasteful I rank it as my greatest fear in life to date.

Protect your mind. It’s your most powerful tool.

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