For you personally, what makes today worth living?

Life is not a walk in the park. Some things come naturally in life. We learn to speak and walk pretty easily over time. But most other things in life aren’t just easy to figure it out. Life is a difficult journey filled with ups and downs. And the downs in life can be very challenging for most people. We’re often pushed to a point of depression, anxiety, and sadness multiple times throughout life.

But somehow some way we find ourselves pushing through. We don’t fold under the pressure of negativity or impending obstacles. We know life is full of challenges and somehow we find the spirit to wake up everyday and face the world head on. The reason we push through is the things that make life worth living for us. We all have something. So for you personally, what makes today worth living?

Here’s my thoughts on what makes today worth living for me personally.

This is one of the tougher questions I’ve answered to date. It’s not that the question is impossible by any means. It’s just that I’ve been personally asking myself this question a lot recently. And I still haven’t found a solid answer to it. There’s so many things to live for in life. There’s so many positive events and things happening around us. And then of course we all have people that we admire and love dearly.

But for some reason I don’t naturally attract to those answers. I love my family more than they’ll ever know. And I admire the positive things that happen in the world on a daily basis. Whether it’s people getting helped out of poverty and sickness or even just a deserving artist getting the exposure they’ve always deserved. I’m surely grateful and optimistic about all of those positive things that are reasons to live.

At the same time, there’s so much darkness and despair in the world. There’s so many horrible news stories shared almost on a daily. It’s sad to think about but there’s many challenges and tribulations people are going through at any moment. This thing called life is tough and some time it seems like there’s more reasons not to live than there are to. So when we look for a reason that we have to live and be optimistic about life, it has to be a powerful one.

For me personally, the thing that makes today worth living is what tomorrow holds. When I think of tomorrow there is always something exciting to look forward to. It could be a movie like the new Toy Story 4 or even an album by one of my favorite artists like J. Cole. There’s always something new and exciting happening tomorrow. And it doesn’t matter what today is.

So I’m motivated today by the future I see tomorrow. I’m inspired by things that can be accomplished in the future. Maybe there will be self-driving cars. Maybe there will be teleportation. Maybe we’ll be living on Mars. All those things could possibly happen in the future. And that makes me happy, inspired, and excited. And as long as I have that potential future in front of me, I’ll look forward to it.

If there’s no future worth living tomorrow, I wouldn’t want to live today. And sometimes it can seem like there’s nothing but sadness in our future. But sadness can only exist with happiness. So for all the sadness we might see tomorrow, there’s probably ten times more happiness to go with it. That’s what I look forward to day in and day out. And the reason I live today will always be the things I see in the future of tomorrow. What makes today worth living for you personally?

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