Do you own your things or do your things own you?

They say money can’t buy you happiness. But money can surely buy you things. And in life we seem to buy as many things as we possibly can. Not because we have to, but because we choose to. We could save every penny we have. Or we could buy things, phones, and houses to make our lives easier.

We’ll never be able to take it with us in our grave. But we’re alive now, so we choose to buy things for ourself. And we feel proud when we’ve finally accomplished a goal to own something we wanted. But the question is do we really own our things, or do our things own us?

Here’s what I think and my overall thoughts on it.

My things are not living, breathing, or thinking. I think to own something you must be able to impose your will on that thing. And inanimate objects just don’t possess those powers. At least right now they don’t.

So when it comes to me, I believe I own my things. I’m the one who chooses to get these things. I’m the one who chooses what do with these things. And I’m the one who decides when these things have to go. That is me owning and controlling my things.

If my playstation four woke up one day and slapped me on the face, I would be shocked. I choose when I want to play games. But the day my playstation forces me to get up and play it is the day I no longer own it. And weirdly, the playstation would own me at that point.

But there is a catch to the things I own. I don’t own them one hundred percent. Everything I own now, one day I will not own. So I might be able to impose my will and call the shots now, but that is now. Everything we own is temporary.

At some point someone else will come along and play that playstation. Or maybe that playstation gets destroyed because I choked on a battle royale game. Either way, when I die those possessions will no longer be things I own. I can no longer impose my will on them.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have an impact on those things. I can leave a firm imprint on these things. And it’s sad we urge to control and own so many things. You see many business owners obsess over keeping control of their company. They past it on to their kids not because they will be great business owners, but rather it’s a remnant of the ownership they once had.

I hope to own the things I have but never obsess over it. It’s all temporary. And if we go insane trying to forever own our things, that’s the day our things finally control us.

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