Do you ever celebrate the green lights?

Red light, green light, one two three! We’ve all played that game as kids. We would run on the green lights. Then we had to stop before the red light or we would get caught. Life is very similar to this with red lights and green lights.

Some days we’re sitting at red lights with everything on pause. Other days we’re zooming through green light after green light. We can learn from both parts, not to mention yellow lights as well. But the question is, do you celebrate the green lights?

Here’s my thoughts on the green lights.

We all want to go further and faster in life. Every day we wish we accomplished all of our goals. We want to be laid up in the sand and enjoying life. We want to have all the cars, houses, and money in the world. And we want to spend it however we please. The worst part is that we want it right now.

The world has different plans though. Everything goes at a more reasonable pace. We can’t go from zero to one hundred in our goals and ambitions. We end up getting a small promotion here. Then we get stuck for a while and think the world is ending. But that’s just how it works.

Sometimes life puts a full stop on everything around us. Maybe we need to humbled a little for a while. Maybe we just need to take time to be grateful for the things we have. Or maybe we’re supposed to learn something at that red light and we’ve yet to take the time to notice.

Nonetheless, most times the world isn’t ending. The light turns green again. That’s the reality of the world. We hate being on pause and think we’ll never progress again. But it’s all temporary. Even the world’s longest red light has to change at some point. So when it does turn green it’s an amazing feeling.

When the light turns green, I feel amazing on another level. I love to move forward and make progress in life. Green lights are the universal sign of forward. So I appreciate green lights because I know that it means I can move forward and advance a little further in my life. That’s why green lights are great.

And the lights aren’t just on the streets. Green lights are all around us, we just have to open our eyes. If you’re on the fence about moving out, the green light may be your dream apartment becoming free. Or maybe a new job sending you an offer could be the green light. It could even be getting fired from your current job. They’re everywhere. But green light means go. And go means move forward. And moving forward means progress. And that’s why I love and celebrate life’s green lights.

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