The Secret Beauty of Quitting.

Quitters never achieve anything. That’s what we’re taught growing up our whole lives. And it makes so much sense. If you quit, you don’t give yourself the chance to succeed. But there are different levels to success in the world. There is half-baked success. And there’s true success. One is fool’s gold. And the other is true sense of purpose and satisfaction. We have to be careful to know the difference between the two.

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45 Things nobody tells you about starting a startup

Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash

You’re either really broke or really rich.

Everyone will think you’re broke when you start your business. They’ll view a startup as a struggling side hobby. You’ll always be considered broke and just getting by. When you make one notable achievement, it’s the opposite. On the flip of a dime, people will think you’re rich. People will think your business is a huge success and you’re rolling in the dough. You’re rich, or broke… never in between.

You will never stop working.

You will work in the morning. You will work at night. The weekend will be workdays. And getaways won’t get your mind away from business. Somehow, you’ll always be working or thinking about your business. Customers, investors, and employees won’t refrain from treating you as 24/7 on call.

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