Can you think of a time when impossible became possible?

The word impossible is just the word “I’m possible” in disguise. But we still have many things we believe might be impossible. Some may think it’s impossible to get to another planet like Mars. Others may think an encounter with aliens is impossible. It could be time travel that’s never happening. Or the thought we’re all in a simulation. That’s impossible.

But history has taught us that impossible sometimes does turn into possible. The idea of harnessing electricity was once thought to be impossible. Now we all use it on a day to day basis. The thought of humans taking flight was such an outlandish idea. But now we fly almost exclusively to travel throughout the world. Chances are we’ve all experienced something impossible becoming possible. The question is, “Can you think of a time when impossible became possible?”

Here’s the time I saw impossible become possible and my thoughts on it.

I’ve experienced some incredible moments in life where the odds seemed highly stacked against me. I have been on cross country road trips for my business with less than two hundred dollars to my name. It seemed impossible. I have been hospitalized in the ICU multiple times and unable to breath. It seemed impossible to get one good gasp of air.

Then there were times when I’ve doubted myself and later saw what was possible. I was super discouraged from trying to excel in school because I was always sick and left months behind classmates. I convinced myself that I would never be above average in any area of life. It was impossible with my circumstances. But all these things panned out. They were impossible in my mind but in reality they were just inprobable.

I pulled off the road trip with friends and family supporting us financially to make it up to the Washington. I bounced back in the hospital and found the will to keep pushing forward. I studied hard and worked overtime in highschool and ended up graduating as an AP Scholar. And I had a lunch with a Fortune 500 executive that personally told me he sees my enormous potential and I can accomplish great things.

So those were all times things seemed impossible but ended up becoming possible in my life. But they were all just mind over matter. There’s only one true moment when I feel I’ve seen the impossible become possible. Everything about it seemed like there was no way in a million years it could happen. I wasn’t overthinking it. Everyone else in the world agrees that it was all impossible. But somehow, it was possible… multiple times… in front of my eyes.

The moment I’m talking about is watching magic tricks as a child. I would watch great magicians like David Blaine, David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and of course Criss Angel. Everytime I saw them perform I was mesmerized. Everything about what they did should of been impossible. They would walk on water, make the Statue of Liberty disappear, and even resurrect dead flies. Impossible.

Yet, every time I watched them create miracles in front of my eyes I was in disbelief. I would drift away from reality and go to a world of limitless possibilities where anything is possible. It was amazing. And it inspired me so much that I dedicated much of my youth learning these magic tricks. I’d perform to friends and family whenever I could. And even though I don’t perform magic as often today, it was still all worth it. Because I know firsthand the special impact of showing someone the impossible become possible.

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