Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?

There’s so much beauty and depth in one life. We often write biographies that summarize the stories and adventure of someone’s life. It’s amazing just reading or watching the memories of someone’s life unfold. The books and movies will never encapsulate the true beauty and details of an entire life. But we still document them for the value they do add. Those books and movies have hours of footage and hundreds of pages to work with. What if we only had a few words to summarize a life. How would we describe our own lives in just six words? Here’s what I would say…

Born broken but never truly shattered.

That’s how I would describe my life in six words. It simply means I was born with so many disadvantages but I never let them hold me back. I was born with sickle cell but I didn’t let it define me. My sickness and weaknesses didn’t shatter me in life. I rose above and worked to be the best me everyday. That’s my life day in and day out. And that’s my biography summed up in six short words.

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