Based on you current daily actions and routines, where would you expect to be in five years?

Nobody knows what tomorrow holds. It’s the most exciting question with the most sought after answer. What does tomorrow look like for me? But that’s thinking small. We could take the question further and ask what the next month, year, or five years holds. In five years we’re all so much more different than we could even imagine. We’ve all seen the shy outcast girl from highschool blossom into a beautiful socialite in five years. And we’ve even seen the most successful businessmen on strung out on drugs sleeping on the side of the road. We should inquire on our five year future more than our tomorrow future.

But the future is the future. It doesn’t matter if it’s one day, two months, or five years. Nobody knows what the future holds. And that’s precisely why humans have obsessed over it for so many years. We’ve created all kinds of systems from astrology to data algorithims to psychic readings and everything inbetween. But of all the crazy ideas we explore to predict the future, only one has been fool-proof and highly effective. It’s called our present day life. The things we do now will be extremely influential in what our future ultimately looks like. So you should audit your daily lifestyle often. Based on your current daily actions and routines, where would you expect to be in five years?

Here’s a short story on where I would expect to be in five years based on my daily actions and routines.

When he walked on stage I instinctively got nervous for him. He was telling me about this idea for the last month and I knew how much potential it truly had. But I was Dwayne’s best friend for years. Right now it wasn’t about me supporting my best friend and telling him he had a nice idea. This was a group of five strangers that were all business icons. They were the five sharks looking for the perfect student with a billion dollar idea that just needed investment. Who knows how much they were willing to invest? It didn’t matter. The goal was to win. We made it all the way to the top ten. We weren’t going to quit now.

He started the pitch with the usual intro to his name and the company name. It was called Sirius back then. He went on to finish his pitch with a pretty smooth presentation. Then the investors starting shooting some tough questions. They asked what customer acquisition strategy would be. They asked what made Sirius different from something like Youtube. They asked how we would get the instructors for this online site teaching hundreds of different courses in creative subjects. And that’s where Dwayne faltered. He didn’t have the answers to all these questions. This was just an idea we’d been bouncing back and forth.

Two hours later and it was time to get the results. They called up some girl’s name for third place. Everyone clapped. We looked at each other and smiled nervously. Then they called Dwayne’s name. We got second place. He looked over at me with a disappointed smile and walked up to the stage. The investors gave him a pep talk about being a smart kid. They told him they loved the idea but really they told everyone that. But then one of the investors took over and said he thought Sirius should of won and it had a lot of potential to change the world. And we both perked up and took note. They finished by calling up some kid with a gaming channel for the first place winner. Everyone clapped.

We the trophy back to my dorm and started talking about what the investor said. The idea was a good idea. Homeschool families could use the courses to teach their kids extracurricular subjects. Many kids love doing things like drawing, dancing, and painting. We realized that the idea was always great but we had to be the entrepreneurs to bring it to life. We had to take it seriously and create a grand vision of what Sirius could be. The questions about customer acquisition and talent acquisition should be easy for real entrepreneurs. So we made a decision that day to level up. We weren’t going to be two kids with an idea. We were going to be two entrepreneurs bringing an idea to life.

So we started the whole idea from scratch. We started brainstorming what we could do today to create this huge complex business. We decided on the homeschool market where parents needed the product. We decided on one subject, art, that we could start with. We decided that we’d pay instructors up front to record the course. And we knew I was good with a video camera and Dwayne was talented with pencil and drawing paper. We decided we’d charge customers a monthly price for full access to all the courses. And we got up off our assess and started recording the very first course outside on the grass of our college campus.

Oh yeah, and we decided on a brand new name. We called it Sparketh. That was the beginning actions and daily routines we started in college four years ago. Now we’re here four years later and those actions have yielded some pretty cool things. We have an awesome platform with over one thousand art video lessons. We have over ten different art instructors including one we flew in from out of state. One new subject released called Sparketh baking. We have over one thousand families signed up with even more students that use the platform. It’s beautiful to see how far we’ve come. The actions I’m doing today are to create an even bigger and better Sparketh. I plan on owning a multi-million dollar business five years from now.

And today is just another day in the journey to get there. Right, Dwayne?

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