What is the closest you have ever come to fearing for your life?

Life is such a fragile thing. At any moment, it can disappear from our hands. We often get caught up in the day to day of our lives. We’re always on the go trying to figure out the next move. We have to get to work done. We have to find time to relax. We have to explore new things. We have to make lasting relationships. And we have to do it everyday with just twenty four hours. Life is always on go. But while we’re running nonstop experiencing life, we often forget how fragile it can really be. None of our lives our forever. We have a beginning. And we have an end. But in the now, it’s hard to fathom an end.

That’s one fatal flaw of humans. We’re great at analyzing the past. We love to be present in the moment. And we dream big for the future. But rarely do we take the time to think of how it all ends. And it will all end. Sometimes it takes something tragic happening like losing a relative, for us to remember how temporary our lives are. And other times it takes our own life to truly be in danger of a close call for us to understand that we’re all mortal. We’ve all had near-death experiences where we feared for our lives. It’s good to remember what decisions were made that jeopardized your life. So what is the closest you have ever come to fearing for your life?

Here’s a short story on what is the closest I’ve ever come to fearing for my life.

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What simple fact do you wish more people understood?

We all create our own image of what life is. Nobody can tell you the sky is blue, if you really see it as green. That’s the irony of the human experience. There are many things that are real and concrete. But there are also many things that are up to your own personal perspective. Some people believe in God while other people believe in Zeus. That’s your own perogative. We can’t always prove everything to everyone. If you truly believe the Earth is flat, then live your life accordingly. And all the round-earthers should do the same.

But there are some things in life that are less up to opinion. Some things in life are more fact than fiction. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to what is true information. Especially because we live in world filled with misinformation. But we should all take the time to acknowledge the points that are true, and proven. Some facts will make our lives easier when we learn to accept them rather than hide from them. We all have simple facts that we’ve come to accept and hope that others would too. So what simple fact do you wish more people understood?

Here’s my thoughts on one simple fact that I wish more people understood.

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What’s one downside of the modern day world?

The times are different. The world we live in today is nothing like the world our ancestors lived in. There are many things that have changed over the years, decades, and centuries. Most people initially think of all the great things that have changed over the years. Times today are so much better than the times of yesterday. That’s a natural human response. It’s similar to how we all thought we were in the coolest most relevant class in highschool. The grades above us weren’t with the newest trends. And the grades below us were all so immature. The school revolved around our grade and our teachers will remember our graduating class above all the other ones.

In truth, we all have some good and bad to offer. Our class may have had a memorable homecoming party because a celebrity showed up. But then again our class may have had the worse scores on standarized tests. There’s a give and take. And the same goes for modern times. There’s nothing that is completely perfect about the times we live in. Of course there have been a lot of advances in things like medicine. And that has extended the average human lifespan over the years. But there are without a doubt many negatives in the way the modern world works. It’s important that you see the reality of things and don’t always think you’re living in a fantasy world. So what’s one downside of the modern day world?

Here’s my thoughts on what one downside of the modern day world is.

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What do you usually think about on your drive home from work?

Work can be a major part of our lives. If we add up all the hours we spend working at a job, it usually equates to more than everything besides sleep. Many people work nine to five or eight hours a day. That’s more hours than some people even sleep every night. The work we spend our time on should be something that is engaging to us. If we don’t do things that are engaging we can find ourselves dreading the hours we spend working on pointless things. When we work on things we don’t care about it can take a toll on us mentally because most people hate the idea of wasting so much time. And yet, a lot of us don’t change anything about the jobs we work.

But it’s more than just the job that affects our mentality. It’s all the things that are a byproduct of the job. Some jobs require that you work on tasks even when you leave the office. Or at the very least we’re still thinking about our work life and it interferes with our personal life. And then the frivolous hours we spend commuting to and from work. The transportation alone can be a drain if we’re driving hours to work and then hours back. And what we think about in that time can be really determine how the rest of our day goes. It’s good to know what you often think about the way to work and whether it makes you feel good or bad in general. So what do you usually think about on your drive home from work?

Here’s my thoughts on what I think about on my drive home from work.

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What can someone do to grab your attention?

We like what we like and we don’t what we don’t. There have been many different studies on attraction throughout the decades trying to pinpoint exactly what makes it work. It seems like guys are attracted to a certain type of woman with a certain figure. And women like men that are muscular but not too bulky like a bodybuilder. They say the color red is the most attractive in general. And of all the letters of the alphabet, women like the letter “T” when worn on a shirt by a guy. The tests go on and on. And the results and theories get even crazier as you go.

The most important hypothesis is that humans have innate attraction triggers. Reproduction is an important factor to us like any other species. And sometimes the primary motivator of reproduction is the initial spur of attraction we have with another person. Peacocks open their big beautifully colored wings in an effort to attract a female partner. And maybe we’re no different. But there’s one thing the research seems to forget. We’re all individuals at the end of the day. We all have our own triggers of attraction that we respond well to. Some physical others not so much. So tell me, what can someone do to grab your attention?

Here’s my thoughts on what someone can do to grab my attention.

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What is the most insensitive thing a person can do?

Humans are social beings. It’s pretty much an inmate ability for us to work together. Even introverts who need lots of alone time do well working with others to accomplish big tasks. We all need each other in this weird cute way. And that forces us to get better at being good with people. At least it forces most people to.

But many times we do things that aren’t very people friendly either. Sometimes we get into physical fights. Sometimes we deceive the people that we love and care about. And sometimes we’re just plain insensitive to others. We have to be better about not being insensitive to the people we have to share this world with. If you know clearly what you feel is insensitive then you can do better to avoid acting that way. So what is the most insensitive thing a person can do?

Here’s my thoughts on what is the most insensitive thing a person can do.

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When did you first realize that life is short?

Life is the longest thing we’ll ever experience in our lifetimes. No love, relationship, experience, or memory will outlast our life. So yes, life is long in comparison to everything else we have ever experienced. But at the same time life is so short. There’s a lot to and a lot of time to spend doing it. We just don’t realize how quickly that time flies by. One day you’re a toddler just running around playing with blocks in front of your parents. You blink and you’re graduating from highschool. And before you know it you have your own family with a toddler playing with blocks in front of you.

And that’s a life well lived. Many times we won’t get to see our lives lived to it’s fullest extent. People’s lives are cut short everyday. The guy who joins the military to make is family proud and never makes it home. The parent who was fatally struck by the car of a drunk driver. And sadly, the kid who was born with a disease that took his life as he laid in the cold hospital bed one night. There’s so many things to live for in this world. And that’s why we get up everyday and push through it. But there are many things we can die from. And even then, we all eventually learn that life truly is short. So when did you first realize that life is short?

Here’s a short story on when I first realized that life is short.

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When was the last time you felt lucky?

We all could use a little more luck in our lives. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. “If only I was luckier, I would of gotten the last two numbers right on my powerball lotto ticket.” It’s not fair how it seems like we’re never lucky when we really want or need it. I needed to become a millionaire last year to stunt on all my friends but I didn’t get lucky enough. But luck doesn’t exactly work like that. If we were able to get lucky whenever we wanted, then it wouldn’t be luck. That would just be pure power to sway the odds in our favors. And everyone and their mom would be abusing that power to get any and everything they want in life.

Luck is completely out of our control. We are simply helpless participants in the game of luck. We watch and hope that all goes our way. And nine times out of ten it doesn’t. But that just makes it that much sweeter when we do get lucky. And we all get lucky eventually. Sure, you didn’t win two hundred million dollars in the powerball lotto last week. But there are definitely moments we get things that we didn’t truly deserve or work for. In those instances where the odds are thankfully in our favor, there’s little more to explain it than plain luck. We’ve all experienced being lucky before. So when was the last time you felt lucky?

Here’s a short story on the last time I felt lucky.

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When in your life have you been a victim of stereotyping?

The human mind is an expert at finding patterns. There’s so much information overload around us that we have to use patterns to better digest it all. And pattern recognition isn’t just work, we even do it for fun with crossword puzzles and other games. Our minds are powerful computers and computers are meant to compute. We process the world around us and make inferences about it. A lot of those inferences are spot on. If we see a barking dog running toward us, history has told us that we might be in danger. But other times those inferences are just plain wrong. We take all the basic information about something and use it make biased generalizations.

We’ve all stereotyped things before. It happens naturally when our minds are always looking for patterns and then categorizing them into buckets. Instead of getting to know someone or something, quickly make judgments based off of the things we think we know. It’s something we have to actively work on because it holds us back from getting to know the true nature of someone. We can’t always put people and things into buckets because we’re all individuals. Stereotyping hurts human interaction because it hinders truth and genuineness. But we’ve all also been stereotyped in some way as well. We all remember how much it sucks when you’ve been stereotyped because it’s not a true representation of who you are. When in your life have you been a victim of stereotyping?

Here’s a short story on when in my life I have been a victim of stereotyping.

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What makes someone a hero?

Every great story has a villain and a hero. But heroes is a very vague word. Someone can be a hero in one area and then be a villain in another. The person that helps the old lady across the street can be a hero in the daytime. And that very same person can be cheating on his wife and become the villain at night time. The hero of a story can be the hero to one person and a villain to a lot of people. The hero can be another thing rather than a person. Or can the hero be a person? The definition of a hero is not clearly defined.

Some people think a hero is perfect in every way. Other people realize that even the most average person is a hero in someway. Some people side with the villain and believe they are the hero of the story. There’s a lot of different versions of hero in people’s lives. We all have met a hero. And we all have heard stories of heroes. But rarely do we define what exactly a hero is to us. If you take the time to define the meaning of hero, then you can find more of them in your lives. And better yet, you can work on becoming the true hero of your story. So what makes someone a hero?

Here’s my thoughts on what makes someone a hero?

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