Are you more like your mom or your dad? In what way?

One thing is for certain, you have traces of your parents flowing through your body. You are the product of their two DNA’s combined. And that’s a really weird thing to think about sometimes. Our parents are usually just people that guide us through the plights of life. They teach us why we should get good grades in school. They teach us how to get through our first failed relationship or crush. They teach us the values that we should keep close to our heart. But that’s pretty much how we usually view them. Two people that sacrificed to teach us and see us be our best. Rarely, do we get up and think, I’m technically half my mom. Nobody greets their dad in the morning telling them they’re grateful for half of their DNA.

But in reality, that’s the truth of it. We are the creation of the two people that combined to create us. And that means we have a lot more similarities to these people than we realize. You might have the brightest blue eyes just like your mom. You might be a towering six feet tall like your dad. But the traits we inherit from our parents can go deeper than just the physical. We can inherit soft traits and unseen characteristics from our parents as well. Many will debate on whether you inherit personality from your parents, but it really doesn’t matter. We’ve all had moments when we caught ourselves acting exactly the same way our dad does in a situation. And that’s usually when we realize that we’re really a lot like our parents. But you’re usually more like one than the other. So are you more like your mom or your dad? In what way?

Here’s my thoughts on whether I’m more like my mom or my dad and in what way.

First off my parents are both amazing people. I love so many things about them. Of course they aren’t perfect by any means. But I admire the small and big qualities about them all the same. They are similar to each other in their own ways. But at the same time they’re oh so very different. And that alone is one thing that I admire about them. They are both great parents in my eyes. To my knowledge, none of my parents have ever intentionally done something to hurt me. They have always done their best to be great role models for me. Even though I might not see them all the time, I watch and observe their actions from a distance. And I’ve learned a lot from just watching how they think and operate in the world. I think my parents without a doubt have made me a better person in the long run. That’s why I love and respect them both regardless of my answer.

All that said, I never got to know my biological dad that much growing up. And that’s just the way works sometimes. I’ve spent a good amount of time with him since then. And I’ve learned a lot of who he is and what he values. And I respect the values he has and how he thinks about love, life, and the universe. But I don’t think it would be fair to say that I’m most like him when I haven’t gotten years to observe him. On the other hand, I’ve spent years and years growing up with my mother. And of course I know the lady like the back of my hand at this point. She’s more like a best friend that I want the best for. I don’t see her as just my mom at this point. I think I understand her so much. Many times I know what she’s going to say before she even says it. That’s how crazy in tune I am with this woman and who she truly is.

It goes without saying that I think I’m most like my mom. She has a few characteristics that I think make us very similar at the end of the day. My mom is someone who is always building something up. If she’s not spending time and money improving the landscape of her backyard, she’s putting money into building property in her motherland. It’s scary the way she is always trying to create something out of nothing. I love that about my mom. She always has a clear vision of what she wants to see in the world. Of course that goes with the dishes in the sink being cleared and clean every day. And it could be as simple as the color of her car and how she organizes her room. She’s a super neat freak too. That’s something I find in myself as well. I like to keep things in a certain place at all time. I have a clear vision of my life and everything in it.

Nobody is going to stop me or my mom from creating the life that we envision everyday. That’s a big one for me. Another big one for me is my mom’s distaste for authority. I’ve never been the one to care about your title or status. At the end of the day, we’re all still humans. Keep all the showboating and chest pounding for somebody who cares. Even though, we both don’t care for authority my mom uses that trait in a much more productive way. While I could care less to speak to the people with a title, my mom is just never scared to let them know how she feels. If you cross my mom you better believe she’s going to get a manager and supervisor involved. And that trait alone has gotten her some great perks in life. She gets what she wants when she wants it nine times out of ten. Quite frankly, my mom and I both aren’t scared to ask for what we want.

Another characterstic that I admire about my mom is without a doubt her work ethic. My mom is one of the hardest workers that I know. I believe the lady is just a machine with an endless energy source. She’s up at five a.m. and doesn’t go out until ten p.m. It’s insane to see her work her magic. She’s always working on something and hustling her butt off. She’s out the state working this day, and back on the weekend getting kids settled in college. It’s an unparalled amount of work ethic that I’ve truly never seen anywhere else. One day I’ll get to the bottom of her secret. But then again I might not need it. I’m someone that engulfs myself in my work naturally. I’m always working on something and usually more than one things. The difference is I only work on things I’m passionate about while my mom can knock a hundred different menial tasks in a single day.

Sometimes my mind is blown when I think of how impressive my mom is. She is truly a work of art and one of a kind. There’s no other woman I know like her on Earth. But I think if there was someone that was close to being as great as this woman, it would be me. And her other kids of course. But I see myself in my mom every single day. That’s why I observe her and watch her every move. I learn what makes her tick and what breaks her down. I admire all of her accomplishments. And take notes on her biggest failures. I think my mom is great. And I know because of that I can be just as great. I’m a product of her down to her DNA. And that means I’m already primed to be just like her if not better. And I can see now that I’ve gotten a lot of her best traits. I just hope I can use them all to do great things like she has.

I love you Mom. You’re the source of my greatness.

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