Are you happy with yourself?

Happiness is the ultimate measure of success. Millions of dollars in your bank account is nice. Traveling around the world to amazing destinations sounds like fun. And shredding your body to have perfect washboard abs is a great accomplishment. But none of them compare to true happiness.

Happiness is a feeling that we’ve all been in search of. And no matter what we say, the truth is none of the above compares to being in a state of bliss and happiness. There’s many experiences that make us happy and excited. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of time spent not being happy and even worse, being depressed. So we must audit when and why we are happy. For example, are you happy with yourself?

Here’s my honest answer and thoughts on happiness with myself.

The simple answer is no. I’m not happy with myself. When I take the time to think about my decisions and current state of mind, it’s not good. I couldn’t possibly be happy with myself right now. I’m aware that I have a lot to be happy for. But still, I’m not happy with the things I see when I look around at the status of my life.

It’s hard to come to terms with. I’ve always held myself to very high standards. I don’t give out slack or excuses very easily. Everyone should live their life their way. But we should all be ready to handle the consequences of our actions. It’s called being responsible.

I haven’t been very responsible. The things I’ve been doing have not been things I’m proud of. My decisions have been very irresponsible and not well thought out. And yet I continue to make the decisions. That’s something I’m not fond of. It’s unacceptable to me and I know I can do better.

The things I’ve been doing have been so trash. I can say that about myself and honestly feel it’s accurate. My daily habits have become very bad. I’ve been drinking soda, playing games, and watching porn all day. My mind has been entertaining horrible thoughts and slipping into a depression. I know depression happens. But I’m not allowed to not try.

And I haven’t been trying. That’s what makes me disappointed. I’m not happy with that. Things can get bad and start to suck. That’s a part of life. But when I stop trying to fix it then things are getting out of hand. I feel like my life can easily slip out of my hands. And really, I feel like it’s been out of my control for a long time now. Almost two years now.

So no, I’m not happy with myself. Usually, I’m a super productive person that’s always working. I’m usually working on business obsessively or working on personal development. That’s an optimal Tim. My actions over the last few months, even years, have not reflected that. So I’m not happy with myself. But I know I’m not a quitter. So it’s only a matter of time before I breakthrough!

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