What celebrities do you admire? Why?

We’re all special in our own little ways. We’re all unique and add value to the world in ways that no one else could really do. We might not always know how we’re special to the world but we all have something. Most times we think that we’re average because we don’t get worldwide recognition for anything. But you can be special in your tiny corner and affect the world without knowing it. We still look to the people with major public influence as the ones that are truly special. We look to breakout politicians, idolized musicians, and social media stars as the example of special. We see people who have hundreds of millions of followers and know they have something special. And they do.

But we do too. And you could very well become an overnight celebrity as well. The special is in all of us. The celebrities we admire are just the ones that often use their specialness to garner mass appeal. And it’s a great thing in many ways. There’s so many people that are inspired by the celebrities we watch every day. And that one celebrity could be the person that moves us to embrace our true selves and add our value to the world. So while it’s not the best to idolize the people that are just like you and me. The inspiration and confidence that many celebrities give to people like you and me is worth the trouble. We should all have a handful of celebrities that we admire and look up to. It’s a good way to remind yourself that you can be anything in this world. So what celebrities do you admire? Why?

Here’s my thoughts on the celebrities I admire and why.

I already know this isn’t going to be one of my best posts. It’s one of those times where I love the question. For once, I actually love the question and think I could have a great answer. But then my mind gets stressed out with the millions of things going on around me. Or better yet, the millions of things not going on around me. There’s so much to be done that I don’t know what to do right now. That plus I’m trying to stay disciplined and do what I said I would do. That means I have to write a full post to this question when I’d prefer not to. That means hitting the gym when I feel like sleeping bed all day. And it’s worse because I can’t pinpoint what exactly is wrong with me. I just know something is wrong. Nonetheless, I have to stop ranting and actually answer this question. So just bare with me for this one.

I admire Kevin Hart. I know I don’t have to explain who he is. I’ll just say he’s a legendary comedian. The thing is he wasn’t the first legendary comedian. There were many popular comedians that came before him. Think Anthony Jeselnik, Dave Chapelle, and more. I can’t really think of all the names off the top of my head. But there were many great comedians before Kevin. But Kevin stepped in and made comedy a whole new level of successful. He took his great story-telling and personality around the world. He spread his positivity and humor to the whole world like it was a damn virus. Now everyone and their mom knows who Kevin Hart is. But that’s just the beginning. He started doing things that were never done in comedy before. He would do things like sellout Madison Square Garden or an entire football stadium. These things were unheard of.

And when he started getting that traction he didn’t just sit back and enjoy his success. He got up and worked ten times harder. Let’s just say Grant Cardone would surely be proud. Kevin took his success and built an entire comedy empire out of it. He started comedy based networks like “LOL!” and started appearing as a leading actor in major films. It’s insane to see all the amazing things Kevin has been working on. He’s such a true hustler. He would go nonstop around the clock working on new projects and opportunities. All the while he kept a positive persona for the public. He was working so much that his face started popping everywhere you looked. A live show in your city, a new major movie being released, an album that just dropped, a new netflix special, and more. It was insane. I admire Kevin’s hustle.

I also admire Elon Musk. Elon is one of those people that has a special place in my heart. I’ve never met the guy but I feel like I understand his struggles. He put a huge amount of responsibility on his back. He wants to create a better future for billions of people. And that’s something that most people would never aspire to do. But Elon took that challenge head on. And I know there are moments when the pressure feels like it could crush him like a fly. But he still finds the strength to stand tall and look his challenges in the face. I admire that ambition and drive. He is truly a fearless entrepreneur that I think all other entrepreneurs can learn from. I learn from stories of his leadership and confidence all the time. I hope to meet him one day. Because regardless of his business aspirations he as already done so much good for the world. Deep in my heart I aspire to do the same thing.

He started off as kid that was just nerdy. That oblivious nerdy kid blossomed into a true gamechanger. He’s been of the biggest trailblazers of our century. I think we’ll all look back and admire the strides he’s made toward better for the human race. Hopefully he accomplishes all he aspires to do. But again, he’s already legend. Another person I admire is Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s another person that wasn’t given a silver spoon in life. He worked his butt off to achieve almost everything he has to his name today. And he’s a true worker and hustler at heart. He was hustling as kid selling baseball cards. And that small kid selling cards evolved into one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation. And I don’t say that because he’s got a lot of followers. It’s his moves and strategies that I admire. Gary is much smarter than what meets the eye.

First impressions can make him seem like an egotistical, prick that just got lucky in business. And maybe he does have an ego. But he’s a true business genius. He runs a social media marketing agency. And rather than send out long boring emails trying to get clients, he’s becoming a true celebrity on every social platform. Now when he says he can grow your company’s social presence you know it’s true because he’s living proof. I love that and many other things about how he approaches business. He’s a smart guy. He’s a true hard worker. And he has a true passion for the game of entrepreneurship. I love that. I admire Gary’s hustle. I admire Kevin’s hustle. And I admire Elon’s hustle and ambition. The common denominator here is clearly the hustle. I admire the people that get up and work hard for the things they want and believe in.

I just hope to be as good as those three guys one day!

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