158. Do you see to believe or believe to see?

They say seeing is believing. You see something with your own two eyes and you instantly believe in it. But sometimes believing is seeing. When you believe in something enough that you finally are able to see the truth. They both are reasonable ways to experience the world and your beliefs.

You could see someone run a marathon in two hours and then truly start to believe in the speed humans can reach. Or you can believe in God and then finally start to see the ways he’s been working things out for you. So believing is also seeing. People usually have one main way they see things though. The natural approach in their life. And that’s usually the way we’re meant to process the world and things around us. So do you see to believe or believe to see?

Here’s my thoughts on whether I see to believe or believe to see.

There are many times I’ve done each of the two options. I think it’s normal for people to want to see things before they instantly believe it. It can sometimes be hard to believe in things without first seeing it in person. There might be a video or photo but those are manufactured all the time. So seeing it in person with your own eyes can make a huge difference in truly believing something.

On the other hand, I’ve surely had moments where I needed to believe before I could see things clearly. It can be hard to see something that you just don’t believe in. If I don’t believe in the color blue, you can show me the sky and the ocean everyday for the rest of my life and I’ll proclaim it’s green. I don’t believe in blue so doesn’t exist in my reality. Sometimes some of the clearest signs are blind to us until we believe they are there.

But personally, I know I’m more one over the other. I have faith and belief in things when I need to. But I’m more of a skeptical person by nature. I see to believe. It sounds bad when you think about it. Every little thing that you hear has to be backed up with hard facts and evidence before you’ll believe in it. Imagine all the things I might be missing with a mindset like that. And I completely agree.

But the reality is there’s so many fake stories and messages in the world. In this day and age phony empty claims spread like wildfire. By the time you check to see if something is even real, the whole world has already taken it to be truth. And that’s a hard pill to swallow. I hate being misinformed because I’m liability to myself and the whole world. I would just further spread false information that could affect some people’s realities.

Look at things like fake political news or the flat earth movement. It’s outrageous to see competent human beings make a fool of themselves because someone shared bad information. I don’t ever want to be in that position. So naturally, I see to believe. I prefer to be skeptical and live in disbelief of many things I can’t see. It makes life easier for me not having to believe in a million unproved theories.

And when something is proved concretely I embrace that truth. I’m always seeking the truth and the best way to do that is to see it in person. There’s too many people trying to scam or take advantage of other gullible people. I hope to stay sharp and critical of all claims. False until proven true. That’s my theory. I choose to see then believe. What do you choose?

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